Who We Are

JuiceWell is a family-owned business established in 2011 with a focus on delivering delicious plant-based foods to our community. Our drive is to provide nutrition without compromise, a guarantee that all our ingredients are whole, fresh, natural and always made from scratch. 

Blending the tastes from cultures from around the world with the seasonal picks of our local farms, JuiceWell offers variety for your nutritional intake. We don’t just want to offer what you can have anywhere else, our owners and juicetenders want to give you an experience you won’t have to travel far to get! Better yet, we deliver to you to make healthy eating and living easy, convenient and maintainable. 

“You want only the best for you,” so do we! At JuiceWell we will never compromise what we give to our customers. All of the things we do behind the scenes, like cracking fresh coconuts to get water for our juices and smoothies, or fresh coconut meat for our Acai Bowls, make JuiceWell the #1 Cold Pressed Juicery in Houston, TX! 

Check out our wide selection of Juices, Smoothies, Acai Bowls and much more! We make everything in house, raw, local and organic when possible. All of our nut milks are pressed in house – it doesn’t get any more fresh! Stop by our 4 locations and see our variety of local and organic products. 

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Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Organic and local when available, we guarantee top quality, nutrient-dense ingredients in their raw form for your utmost health benefit.

Unpasteurized, Non HPP

Whole and untampered with, we will not process ingredients with heat or pressure in order to preserve their organic structures. 

Fresh & Innovative

Seasonal and raw, we love to support local farms and vendors, implementing ingredients from around the world! 

We Deliver Health + Benefits

Cold Pressed Juice to your home or business!

Order by 2pm to receive juices for same-day delivery!

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Business Deliveries

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Local & Organic 


Plants + Nothing = Our Recipe

No additives. No watering down. 

You’re worth it! There is no wasting time when it comes to the opportunity we have in fighting for your wellness. With all that our bodies fight on a regular basis, we guarantee the contents of our bottles and bowls to fight for you. No empty calories and fake fullness. We strive to provide relief and recovery to your health with our recipe of “Plants + Nothing!”

If we wouldn’t give it to our loved ones, we won’t put it in your order!